Well, I took the P90X Fit Test today which is used to determine if an individual is in good enough shape to begin the P90X home workout program. The Fit Test consists of 8 steps and each has minimums that must be met.

My weight is currently 198 lbs. and after calculating my resting heart rate (100), I briefly warmed up for 10 minutes before beginning…

  1. Pull-ups – The goal here is to perform as many pull-ups as you can, going all the way to the point of failure. Males should be able to do a minimum of 3 pull-ups, I did 8.
  2. Vertical leap – My vertical leap was 19″, the minimum requirement for males is 5″.
  3. Push-ups – Again, the goal here is to perform as many reps as possible. The minimum requirement for males is 15, I did 41.
  4. Toe touch – This is basically a measure of your flexibility. The goal is to touch your toes (or go as far as you can) while seated on the floor. The minimum requirement is -6, or 6″ from your toes. My score was +1 which means that my hands extended past my toes by 1″.
  5. Wall squat – This was tough and certainly an area that I need to see some improvement. The goal is to sit in an imaginary chair with your back flat against a wall for as long as possible. The minimum requirement is 1 minute, I came in at 1 minute, 10 seconds.
  6. Bicep curls – In this exercise, you choose a dumbbell weight that you feel will max out at 10-15 reps and do as many as possible. I used 40 lb. dumbbells and performed 13 reps. The minimum requirement for males is 20 lb. weights for 10 reps.
  7. In and outs – In this exercise you are required to sit on the floor, bringing your knees to your chest and then straightening your legs back out without touching the floor. Again, this is another area where I’m pretty weak and need to work on. The minimum requirement is 25, I was able to do 30.
  8. Heart rate maximizer – In this final test, you are required to do jumping jacks for 2 minutes. The final 30 seconds are done as fast as you can go. After you complete the 2 minute drill, you are then required to record your heart rate every minute for the several minutes. Immediately after completing the exercise, my heart rate was 160. 1 minute after finishing it was 136, 2 minutes after finishing it was 118, 3 minutes after finishing it was 112, and 4 minutes after finishing it was 100.

Overall, the P90X Fit Test did kick my butt a bit. Even though I scored higher than the minimum requirements on each exercise, I still felt it.

Also, I started to feel sick at my stomach about halfway through the tests and after test 7, I actually threw up. I then completed test 8 and threw up once more after that. This is actually normal for me and I’ve had it happen in the past when working out hard for the first time after a period of not being active.

Tomorrow I’m going grocery shopping to buy food for the week and will also take my before photos. I’ll post them sometime tomorrow, stay tuned.