P90X DietThe P90X diet is a huge part of Beachbody’s P90X workout. Unfortunately, it is also one of the areas where many people really miss the boat.

While it’s true that the daily workouts are extremely vital to your success with the P90X program, the “P90X diet” plays an even more important role. Simply working out each day will not deliver the results that many people are looking to achieve — it’s also important to follow the P90X Nutrition Plan.

Getting Started With the P90X Diet

Initially, most who buy the P90X DVDs and begin their 90 day transformation have eating habits that leave a lot to be desired. Like most Americans, their diets are filled with food choices that are high in fat, cholesterol, and sugar.

While it can be tempting to transition into the P90X diet plan slowly, it’s important to resist that temptation and jump in head first. Going “cold turkey” on all junk food and eliminating the poor food choices from your diet immediately on day one will allow you to achieve better results and will help you get the most out of your 90 day P90X journey.

Also, it’s important that you stay consistent with your P90X diet. Falling off of the wagon (even if it’s only for a day) can really set you back, and I would strongly recommend against using “cheat” meals as any type of a reward or motivator. The P90X program is all about lifestyle changes, and the quicker you replace bad eating habits with good ones, the better off you’ll be.

P90X Diet Tips – How to Maximize Your P90X Results

P90X Nutrition PlanTo truly maximize your 90 day P90X results, it’s extremely important to go through the P90X diet plan before you begin and calculate which nutrition level you’ll need to follow. While there are some who would disagree, I would also recommend that you follow the “portions” approach as it is much easier to stick to long term.

Once you’ve calculated which nutrition level you are, familiarize yourself with the different foods that are recommended and begin to lay out your daily meal schedule. The P90X diet plan will most likely require you to eat meals that are smaller than what you’re accustomed to, but keep in mind that you’ll also be eating every 2-3 hours instead of only a few times each day. This will take a week or so to get used to, but it will become easier once your body adjusts.

Last but not least, once you’ve gotten your daily eating schedule ironed out, the last thing to focus on is staying consistent. Be certain that you’re eating clean each and every meal, and avoid the temptation to cheat on your P90X diet or make “one time” exceptions as this will almost certainly result in setbacks sooner or later.

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