Beachbody has just wrapped up a complete redesign of the Team Beachbody website. It’s been completely redesigned from the ground up and features an all-new version of the WOWY Online Gym. In case you’re not a member yet (it’s free), you can sign up for a free Team Beachbody account here.

The WOWY (Work Out With You) Online Gym is a great way to keep your workouts on track. Simply log in before you work out, and join the hundreds of other members who are logged in and working out through WOWY at the exact same time.

With WOWY, you’re able to:

  • Meet up with your friends in the online virtual gym for motivation and support
  • Meet like-minded people and chat after workouts
  • Stay motivated
  • Share success stories with other WOWY users
  • Have a chance to win daily prizes such as cash, iPods, cameras, and more

So, now that you know a little more about WOWY — let’s take a peek inside the member’s area.

The WOWY Workout Calendar

The WOWY Workout Calendar allows you to schedule and track your workouts. Simply click “Schedule a workout”, then click the desired date on the calendar. If you don’t have a workout planned yet but want to workout immediately, simply click “Workout now”.

You can also add information about previous workouts to WOWY by clicking “Add a completed workout”. While you won’t be able to qualify for daily prizes, it will still help you to track your workout progress.

Scheduling a WOWY Workout

Setting up your workouts in the WOWY Online Gym is quick and easy. Just select the workout program and routine from the drop-down menu, then click “Add routine”. If the program that you’re looking for doesn’t appear in the drop-down menu, click “Add it to your library” then “Continue”.

Select Workout Time, Frequency, and Buddies

Next, it’s time to add additional workout details. Simply select the time and frequency for the workout, and if you choose — invite workout buddies to join you.

Confirm that the Information is Correct

Next, simply confirm that the workout details you entered are correct. If you need to change anything, click “Edit” — if not, click “Save” and you’re finished!

The One-Click Workout Option

In a hurry? Just select the “One-click workout” option from your WOWY personal homepage, choose the program and routine, and click “Start now”.

The WOWY Cooldown Chat Room

After finishing your workout, you can chat with workout buddies and other WOWY users in the Cooldown Chat Room.

View Upcoming WOWY Workouts

Keeping track of your workouts in WOWY is super simple, and you’ll quickly be able to view future WOWY workouts by viewing the details saved in the “My workouts” area.

As you can see, Team Beachbody’s newly-redesigned WOWY Online Gym is an excellent free tool that you can begin using to track and monitor your workout progress. If you’re in the process of setting fitness or weight loss goals and want to make sure that you stay on track, or simply need a little bit of added accountability, go set up a free WOWY account and start tracking your fitness progress.