Slim in 6

Beachbody and Debbie Siebers have released a new home exercise program called Slim in 6. It is a 6 week program that combines cardio with light resistance exercises to help burn fat and reshape your body.

The Slim in 6 program uses 3 easy to follow workouts that focus on the abs, thighs, and backside:

  1. Start It Up! – Provides an introduction to the basic Slim Training moves that are used to burn calories and tone your body
  2. Ramp It Up! – Accelerates your results by helping you to increase the number of calories burned each day
  3. Burn It Up! – Completes the body reshaping process with a more intense slimming and toning workout

A step-by-step nutrition guide is also provided that will show you exactly what you should be eating (and how much).

If you’re currently working out with the Slim in 6 program, please post a comment with a brief review. I would love to hear how it’s working out for you so far…