Sure, we all know that the P90X exercise program works like gangbusters. However, there’s another major reason why you might want to give this popular home workout system some serious thought — the current economic recession…

In a time when people are cutting back on unnecessary expenses such as trendy gym memberships and expensive personal trainers, it’s nice to know that there’s an excellent alternative out there that will get you ripped without draining your wallet in the process.

While it’s true that you’ll spend a few dollars upfront to buy P90X and a few needed accessories such as the P90X chin-up bar, the money you’ll save in the long run when compared with a monthly gym membership is astronomical. In addition to eliminating those expensive monthly fitness club dues, working out from home with the P90X program will also help you cut back on gasoline consumption as you won’t be driving back and forth to the gym each day.

The real beauty of a workout program like P90X lies in the fact that it’s truly possible to get a world class workout from home, for free — all without bulky fitness equipment, wasted travel time between home and gym, and overpriced gym fees.

So, if you’re trying to cut back on monthly expenses and are still paying costly fitness club fees, try P90X instead. Your wallet and your body will thank you.