The P90X program makes use of rubber resistance bands or dumbbells, so I decided to pick up a set of adjustable dumbbell weights.

Bowflex makes a set of adjustable dumbbells called SelectTech, but after reading lots of reviews on both sets I decided to go with PowerBlock…

PowerBlock Dumbbell Set

The PowerBlock set that I purchased is from their Elite line and is adjustable from 5 pounds to 90 pounds per dumbbell. I also bought the PowerBlock stand which holds the weights when they’re not in use and makes it easier on your back. Overall, I’ve very pleased with the overall quality of the PowerBlock dumbells and changing the weight is as easy as pulling out the pin. Very cool.

Keep in mind that these aren’t a necessity and using rubber resistance bands will do the trick as well. I also picked up a rubber workout mat to set the PowerBlock stand on.