Today was day 34 of the P90X and I had Kenpo X today. Kenpo isn’t nearly as intense as yesterday’s leg workout…

I did well during the kenpo routine today and focused once again on pushing myself as hard as possible during the punching, kicking, etc. I didn’t feel nauseous at all today which was definitely a positive and I had a great workout.

The diet continues to go well and I’m loving the P90X Performance Bars and recovery drink that I ordered a few weeks ago. The meal replacement bars come in two flavors, mocha and berry. I don’t really have a favorite at this point, they both taste very good.

The P90X Results and Recovery Formula drink comes in two forms, a tub and packets. I ordered the tub version. The recovery drink is very sweet and tastes exactly like an orange dreamsicle. Tasty stuff!

I’m going to do Stretch X tomorrow and then it’s time to take this week’s photos and measurements. Stay tuned!