Today was day 15 of the P90X work out plan and the DVD targeted chest, back and abs. I had a fantastic workout today and really pushed myself hard. I did have to pause the video a few times to cool down and offset some slight feelings of nausea, but I didn’t get sick – and thank goodness for that I might add.

I did a few things differently with the chest workout today…

  1. Once I hit my maximum number of reps for the various push up exercises, I lowered my knees to the floor and cranked out a few more reps at the end. I definitely felt those.
  2. I purchased a set of push up bars prior to starting the P90X program and found that they have a tendency to tip over when doing wide grip push ups. I purchased a set of Perfect Pushup discs which are made by a company called BodyRev and they’re much more stable and safer when doing wide grip push ups.

The P90X nutrition plan continues to go great. I love the portion approach and am eating better than I have in many, many years. I am definitely feeling the difference, I have much more energy and find that getting up in the mornings is a cakewalk now.

So, that’s it for today. Thanks again to all of you who have left comments and are following along, it’s very encouraging and the accountability is really helping when things get tough.

Stay tuned!