Today was day 25 of P90X and it was my first time doing the Stretch X video. The stretching routine went awesome and I felt like a million bucks after it was over. Stretching definitely relieves built up tension and helps to loosen and relax the body, it’s great!

I’m noticing some nice improvements in my flexibility so far, and I’m able to do standing hamstring stretches now with my palms flat on the floor in front of me. The stretches that are the most difficult for me at this point are some of the back stretches.

As far as the P90X diet plan goes, I ate great again today. It’s pretty amazing to look back at what my eating habits were pre-P90X, and compare them with what I’m eating now. Talk about drastic lifestyle changes! If you’re thinking about starting the P90X program or are already doing it, you need to follow the nutrition plan. This is an extreme, intense workout program and investing all of the time and effort into the workouts is a waste if you cut corners in the diet department. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing all the way… so eat clean and get the best results possible.

That’s it for today. Thanks again for all of the awesome comments, I really appreciate all of you who are reading and following my progress. It’s extremely motivating and really helps me out. Stay tuned!