I’m 14 days into the P90X program and am really enjoying it so far. Is it difficult? Yes. But the results that I’m seeing so far definitely make all of the hard work worthwhile…

In the photos I took today, I’m continuing to see gradual improvements just as I did in my comparison between the day one and day 7 P90X photos. While there are no drastic changes, the results are definitely noticeable around the belly and love handles.

P90X Day 14 Front

P90X Day 14 Front Bicep

P90X Day 14 Angle

P90X Day 14 Side Left

P90X Day 14 Side Right

P90X Day 14 Back

P90X Day 14 Back Bicep

And here are my measurements after week two of the P90X fitness program:

  • Resting heart rate in the AM – 59
  • Body fat % – 18.5%
  • Weight – 193 lbs.
  • Chest – 44″
  • Waist – 37″
  • Right thigh – 21″
  • Left thigh – 21″
  • Right arm – 16″
  • Left arm – 16″

Since starting P90X, I’ve seen improvements in the following areas:

  1. My resting heart rate has dropped from 73 to 59.
  2. My body fat percentage has dropped 2.3%.
  3. I’ve lost 5 pounds.
  4. I’ve added an inch to my chest.
  5. I’ve seen a 1″ reduction in waist size.
  6. I’ve lost an inch of fat around both thighs.

My waist size measurement actually went back up to 37″ this week so I’m not sure what happened there — today’s photos show an improvement in that area, so go figure.

Also (as I mentioned the other day), I’m waking up much earlier since starting the P90X program. I’m getting up in the mornings now between 6AM – 6:30AM and definitely feel like I have more energy throughout the day.

Lastly, the nausea due to the intensity of the workouts is getting much better. I’m waiting an hour and a half after eating to begin my workouts now, and so far that seems to be helping…

Stay tuned.