Well, I’m on day 7 of the P90X program and I’m pretty excited about the changes I’ve seen over the first week. While the results after one full week are not dramatic, I’m definitely seeing some improvements already and best of all — I’m feeling great!

Here are my day 7 pictures, you can compare them with my day one P90X photos and measurements. As I mentioned, there aren’t any drastic changes appearing yet but I’m definitely noticing a reduction in belly fat…

P90X Day 7 Front

P90X Day 7 Front Bicep

P90X Day 7 Angle

P90X Day 7 Side Left

P90X Day 7 Side Right

P90X Day 7 Back

P90X Day 7 Back Bicep

And here are my measurements after week one:

  • Resting heart rate in the AM – 65
  • Body fat % – 19.8%
  • Weight – 197 lbs.
  • Chest – 44″
  • Waist – 36″
  • Right thigh – 21″
  • Left thigh – 21″
  • Right arm – 16″
  • Left arm – 16″

To summarize, here are the improvements I’ve seen so far:

  1. My resting heart rate has dropped from 73 to 65.
  2. My body fat % has dropped nearly a full percent.
  3. I’ve lost a pound.
  4. I’ve added an inch to my chest.
  5. I’ve already seen a 2″ drop in waist size.
  6. I’ve lost an inch of fat around both thighs.

I’m pretty excited with what I’ve seen so far and am really looking forward to week two with P90X. Even though I pushed myself hard during week one, I still had to deal with feelings of nausea, being overheated, and just getting familiar with the exercises. I’m going to open up a can in week two. Stay tuned…