I’m 28 days into the P90X home fitness program now and it’s time to post my week 4 progress pictures and measurements. I had another great week overall and really felt like I made some great strides…

As I mentioned in my update for last week, I goofed up with the waistline measurement in the beginning so that has been done correctly for this set of measurements. If I remember correctly, my waist line was roughly 42″ when measured across the belly button area before I started P90X… and this is how I’ll be measuring it from here on out.

As far as the nutrition plan went, I had another cheat-free week. I’m following the P90X diet plan exactly as it is laid out and I’m certain that it’s played a huge roll in the results I’ve seen to date. I just ordered some supplements which I’ll be adding to the mix next week. I bought the P90X Results and Recovery Formula Drink, the P90X Peak Health Formula, the P90X Performance Bars (mocha and berry), and the P90X Performance Formula. I’ll be sure to post a review of each supplement when they arrive.

Overall, I was happy with the pictures and measurements for this week. I’m still seeing the biggest improvements in the belly fat area…

P90X Day 28 Front

P90X Day 28 Front Bicep

P90X Day 28 Angle

P90X Day 28 Side Left

P90X Day 28 Side Right

P90X Day 28 Back

P90X Day 28 Back Bicep

And here are the side by side comparison shots of day 1 and day 28…

P90X Results - Front Day 1 vs. Day 28

P90X Results - Front Bicep Day 1 vs. Day 28

P90X Results - Angle Day 1 vs. Day 28

P90X Results - Side Left Day 1 vs. Day 28

P90X Results - Side Right Day 1 vs. Day 28

P90X Results - Back Day 1 vs. Day 28

P90X Results - Back Bicep Day 1 vs. Day 28

And here are my measurements after 4 weeks of P90X:

  • Resting heart rate in the AM – 62
  • Body fat % – 17.6%
  • Weight – 187 lbs.
  • Chest – 44″
  • Waist – 39″
  • Right thigh – 21″
  • Left thigh – 21″
  • Right arm – 16″
  • Left arm – 16″

One measurement that really surprised me this week was the fact that my body fat percentage rose slightly from last week (17.4% to 17.6%). Up until this week, I was averaging a drop of approximately 1% per week. I’m not too concerned about it as I’m following the program and eating clean — I’m sure that will take care of itself.

I was pretty excited to break the 190 pound barrier this week. It’s the first time I’ve weighed less than 190 pounds in the last year and a half or so and I’ve lost a total of 11 pounds in the first 4 weeks of P90X… needless to say, I’m pretty fired up!

Stay tuned…