This is day 12 of P90X and today’s workout targeted legs, back and abs. This particular DVD had me crying for Mommy last week so I was dreading it a bit. It did not disappoint.

In my opinion, this routine is one of the hardest that I’ve done so far with P90X. I really pushed myself as hard as I could today and got about halfway through the legs and back routine when I started to feel nauseous again. I cut the legs and back workout short, chilled out for a bit, and was able to avoid getting sick.

About 45 minutes later I fast forwarded to Ab Ripper X and worked abs really hard. I’m seeing some huge improvements in this area and can really feel my core strengthening.

As far as the P90X nutrition plan goes, I had another great day of eating clean. I highly recommend the portions program, it really makes it easy to eat healthy and I don’t spend much time at all with meal preparation.

Tomorrow is Kenpo X and then a rest day (I’m looking forward to that). Stay tuned…