Today was day 19 of P90X and it’s official — the legs, back and abs workout is definitely my least favorite of the P90X routines. This workout is absolutely brutal and although I didn’t get sick again from it, it competely wore me out.

Back and abs isn’t really the problem, it’s the leg workout.

I saw improvements again with the Ab Ripper X workout and I’ve definitely come a long way since the first day I attempted the abs workout. It’s still very challenging, but I’m able to finish all of the exercises now and most of them without taking a break halfway through the set.

I did well with the nutrition plan again today. Nothing new in that department to report as of right now.

I’ll be doing the Kenpo X workout tomorrow and then I get to enjoy that rest day that I’ve been dreaming about. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting my week 3 measurements and pictures on Monday…