Today was day 32 of the P90X home fitness program. I’m really starting to see some amazing progress as far as flexibility goes and the hamstring stretches in particular are going awesome. I really focused on stretching as far as I could today and fighting for each fraction of an inch.

My lower back is sore tonight so I’m going to take it easy this evening and rest it. I may get a massage tomorrow to see if that helps.

My diet went great again today and I took the Beachbody supplements that I received. I didn’t have a chance to post a review of them yet but I will ASAP, I had an extremely busy day today and just couldn’t find time to do so. I’m also doing a cycle of creatine which I started yesterday. The P90X Recovery Drink does contain a small amount of creatine (500mg), but since it falls shy of the daily recommended serving size (5g) I’ll be  taking more.

Stay tuned…