If you’re getting ready to do the P90X DVD workout, there are a few basic items that will be needed in addition to the videos:

  • Resistance Bands or Dumbbells
  • A Chin-Up Bar

The P90X Deluxe Package includes everything you need to start working out, in addition to a one month supply of the P90X Results and Recovery Formula (delicious).

P90X DVD Deluxe Package P90X DVD Deluxe Package

Includes the following:
– 12 P90X Workout DVD’s
– Resistance Bands
– P90X Chin-up Bar and Recovery Drink
– 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Price: $239.70 (Best Value)

If you already own the necessary equipment to begin working out and only need to order the P90X DVD’s, the following package is the only thing you need.

P90X DVDP90X DVD Extreme Training System

Includes the following:
– 12 DVD P90X Workout DVD’s
– 3-Phase P90X Nutrition Plan
– P90X Fitness Guide and Workout Calendar
– 90 day Money-Back Guarantee

Price: $119.85

Also, did you know that you can actually make money while working out with P90X?

By becoming a Beachbody business owner (called a Beachbody Coach), you can get a 25% discount not only on P90X, but on supplements, fitness equipment, and any other DVD workout program offered by Beachbody.

In addition to that discount, Beachbody will pay you a 25% commission on all customers you send their way and even pay you handsomely for introducing other people to their coaching program. Currently, I’m a One Star Diamond Coach and earn a full-time income from my business. It’s an extremely fun business to be in and it really does work! Click here to become a Beachbody Coach.

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So what is the P90X DVD workout exactly?

The P90X DVD workout is a high-intensity home fitness program created by Tony Horton and Beachbody. This hardcore home fitness program was designed to transform your body from regular to ripped in only 90 days.

The P90X DVD’s tap into a powerful training technique called muscle confusion to avoid the plateaus typically associated with other workouts. By constantly introducing new exercises and moves into the routines, your body is constantly challenged and therefore continues to improve.

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