Today was day 52 of the P90X program and my workout was back, biceps and Ab Ripper X. I really didn’t feel well when I woke up this morning, and that continued throughout the day…

I still worked out today even though I was feeling sick. The back and biceps routine is my favorite DVD, so I’m sure that helped motivate me to complete the workout.

Overall, the workout went well. I did feel the effects of being sick, but I was still able to get a good burn. I did Ab Ripper X pre-workout again today as I’ve been doing for the last few weeks, and I highly recommend it. I’m killing Ab Ripper X now, with the exception of Fifer Scissors… that friggin’ exercise still has my number.

That’s it for today’s update. For all of you who have left comments and sent emails about getting started with the program, congrats! In all honesty, this program can change your life if you commit yourself to it. Make the decision beforeΒ  you begin to do this thing the whole way (diet plan and all), and you’ll be absolutely blown away by the results.

Stay tuned.