Well, today is day 45 of P90X which means I’m halfway done with the 90 day program! It’s hard to believe, the time has really flown by…

Today’s workout was back, biceps and abs… and man do I love this workout. This is by far my favorite P90X DVD and I always feel great when I’m finished. My biceps are pretty fried right now to say the least.

Ab Ripper X went incredibly well today. Once again, I did abs pre-workout and it really helped out. Today was the first day that I went straight through the abs routine without pausing the video a single time! It wasn’t pretty in some areas (*cough* Fifer Scissors *cough*), but I made it the entire way through without a pause. If you had only seen me during day 1 of Ab Ripper X, you would understand my excitement!

Stay tuned.