Polar FS3 Heart Rate Monitor WatchI decided to invest in a heart rate monitor watch as recommended in the P90X manual, so I picked up a Polar FS3 this morning. It’s a pretty slick little device and seems to work really well.

The Polar FS3 is really easy to use. In a nutshell, the FS3 comes with a strap that you wrap around your body just below the chest area. You wet the area on the inside of the strap (the area that makes contact with your skin), and then place the heart rate monitor watch on your wrist.

The watch displays your heart rate and also features time, date, and stopwatch functions. The single button design makes it very easy to change modes. Also, you can actually change modes automatically by simply bringing the watch close to the strap. The watch will begin to cycle through the different options and when it gets to the one you’re looking for, you simply move the watch away from the strap.