In this INSANITY: The ASYLUM workout review, we’ll discuss what’s included with this popular new home fitness program from Beachbody, and also what type of workout you can expect to get from it.

The ASYLUM workout is another program from Shaun T, the creator of Hip Hop Abs and the INSANITY workout. It is a 30-day program that includes sports-specific training inspired by pro athletes, and it aims to improve speed, agility, power, and coordination.

There are three INSANITY: The ASYLUM workout DVD packages available:

Asylum WorkoutINSANITY: The ASYLUM Base Kit

Includes the following:
– 6 intense workout DVD’s
– Agility ladder, speed rope,and workout calendar
– Eat to Win Nutrition Plan
– 2 FREE bonus workouts
Price $89.85

Asylum Deluxe KitINSANITY: The ASYLUM Deluxe Kit

Includes the following:
– 6 intense workout DVD’s
– Agility ladder, speed rope, and workout calendar
– Chin-up bar, chin-up assist, and strength bands
– 2 FREE bonus workouts
Price $179.70

Asylum Deluxe Upgrade KitINSANITY: The ASYLUM Deluxe Upgrade Kit

Includes the following:
– Deluxe training tools
– Chin-up bar
– Chin-up assist
– Strength bands
Price $89.85

With INSANITY: The ASYLUM, Shaun T has put together 6 hardcore new workouts all based on elite athletic training. The ASYLUM workout will dramatically improve your speed, balance, and cardio endurance.

The included speed rope and agility ladder will help to perfect your form and sharpen your focus, while the ASYLUM workout calendar will track your weight loss and fitness progress.

The ASYLUM workout program also includes Shaun T’s Eat to Win Nutrition Guide, helpful 24/7 online support, and 2 FREE bonus workouts.

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Shaun T’s INSANITY: The ASYLUM workout includes 6 DVD workouts, all guaranteed to improve your athletic performance in just 30 days.

The ASYLUM workout DVD’s include:

  1. Speed and Agility – An intense 45-minute cardio workout
  2. Vertical Plyo – 40-minute lower body training routine
  3. Relief – 25-minute flexibity workout
  4. Strength – 50-minute cross-training routine
  5. Game Day – 60-minute cross-training workout
  6. Back to Core – 45-minute core, glutes, and hamstrings workout

Beachbody also includes two FREE bonus workouts with INSANITY: The ASYLUM…

  • Sports Performance Assessment – A performance measuring tool to measure your progress
  • Overtime – A 15-minute “overtime” routine that you can add to the end of any ASYLUM workout

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