If you are wondering how to tone your abs, you may want to consider Hip Hop Abs. This home fitness program uses popular hip hop dancing routines to help you tone your body and lose weight in the process…

The Hip Hop Abs workout is a product that was designed by Beachbody and a sports science major named Shaun T. (who also happened to have a minor degree in Dance/Theater). The unique selling proposition of this exercise program is the fact that it helps you lose weight and achieve a flat stomach without having to do crunches or sit-ups.

Additionally, the Hip Hop Abs workout program focuses extensively on using dance as a mechanism to lose weight. This will help you drain the boredom off of the regular routine and put more spirit in your workout regime. The fitness plan focuses on fun dancing moves that are based primarily on hip hop dancing routines.

The program comes in a series of DVDs and is available online. There are four distinct workout DVDs in the entire series.

The first DVD, talks about secret to flat Abs and is approximately 13 minutes long. Fat burning cardio is the second DVD which is around 30 minutes long, followed by the 25 minute long Ab Sculpt, and finally the Total Body Burn which is 45 minutes long. The program is designed to burn fat as well as tone your abs while doing the workout.

Hopefully you’ve found this brief Hip Hop Abs review helpful. It’s a great program for anyone who is tired of doing monotonous exercises to lose weight.

Bottom line? The Hip Hop Abs workout is a smart weight management program that can help you lose weight and sculpt your body in the process.