Forks Over Knives ReviewI wanted to share this Forks Over Knives review after having a chance to watch this new documentary about the many wonderful benefits of eating a plant-based diet.

Over the past year, in addition to Shakeology I’ve also incorporated a much higher quantity of raw vegetables into my P90X workout diet, and recently I made the decision to eliminate meat and dairy from my diet completely. I knew that there probably wasn’t going to be much in the film that was new to me, but I was really looking forward to it regardless.Like most who eat a vegetarian diet, I have family and friends who don’t quite understand the point of it all — I had high hopes that this movie would be a great introduction to the advantages of such a diet.

Forks Over Knives Trailer and Release Date

The Forks Over Knives release date was May 13, 2011, and the film attempts to document the link between the consumption of meat and dairy products with many of today’s worst degenerative diseases. In case you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, here’s the official Forks Over Knives trailer…

Forks Over Knives Review – The Good

Overall, I thought Forks Over Knives was very well done and did an excellent job at discussing a somewhat controversial topic in a non-threatening manner.

This was a documentary that was intended for the masses, and noticeably absent from the film was language like “vegan” and “vegetarian”. Instead, these words were intentionally replaced with phrases such as “plant-based” — something that I feel will prove to be helpful in skirting the negative biases that many have when it comes to anything vegetarian, thus allowing them to view the facts in a more neutral light.

I also thought that Forks Over Knives did a great job of presenting the facts in a convincing yet concise way, and the film was not overly long or drawn out. There was quite a bit of research and also several scientific studies that I found fascinating, such as the massive decline in health complications after the occupation of Norway, when the Germans began confiscating livestock for their own use.

Forks Over Knives Movie – The Bad

Although I did enjoy the movie and have already recommended it to several friends, there were a few things that I felt could be improved on…

First of all, I thought that Forks Over Knives had a wonderful opportunity to hammer on processed foods a little harder, and stopped short. So much of the food that we eat today is loaded with harmful chemicals and artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame — most people are completely unaware of this, and it would have been great to see some additional information about it in the film.

Secondly, I would have liked to see more focus on the importance of eating organic fruits and vegetables and the dangers of things like GMO and pesticides. Important stuff to anyone considering a plant-based diet, and issues that the Forks Over Knives diet documentary failed to address.

Forks Over Knives Documentary – Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that it wasn’t perfect, the Forks Over Knives documentary is definitely worth watching and does an excellent job at presenting the facts in a way that even the most die-hard of carnivores can appreciate.

Ultimately, I think this film is a great tool for spreading the message of plant-based nutrition to others. It’s the type of movie that you can recommend to everyone in your life, without worry that someone may find it offensive.

If you’ve already seen Forks Over Knives, I would love to hear what you think of it. Please share your comments and reviews below…