Egg Whites InternationalSeveral months ago, I got turned on to supplementing my diet with the liquid egg whites from Egg Whites International. These things have become a staple of my everyday diet, and I thought I would let you guys know about them…

When I first heard about this stuff, I literally cringed at the thought of drinking raw egg whites. Call me crazy, but it just didn’t sound appealing in the least. However, a good friend of mine insisted that I try them out so I ordered a container as a trial run.

They are delivered in a plastic tub (just like many protein powders and other supplements), and arrive frozen. The best way to thaw them out is to set them in the sink for a few hours, then throw the container in the fridge.

I also bought a nifty pump that screws onto the top of the container — very convenient and it keeps your egg whites fresh for a longer period of time as you don’t have to constantly open the container lid.

Each pump delivers 1 ounce of liquid egg whites (the equivalent of a whole egg or 1 1/4 egg whites). So, 8 pumps produces an 8 ounce glass containing 26 grams of bio-available protein. No amino acids are wasted with this product, something that no protein powder can claim.

As far as the taste goes, there really isn’t one. Basically, it tastes very similar to drinking water. Another cool thing is that it goes down quick and easy, unlike many other protein shakes I’ve tried.

Unlike raw eggs, these are 100% safe to drink raw due to the fact that they’re pasteurized. There are no additives, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, and no salmonella to worry about. Also, they are fat and cholesterol free.

In addition to drinking liquid egg whites raw, you can also use them to cook with. They make delicious omelets and scrambled eggs.

When stored in the fridge, the average shelf life is an impressive 6-8 months — even after they’ve been opened. I buy 4 gallon cases now, and each 1 gallon container lasts me for approximately 1 month. I keep my unopened containers in the freezer and just thaw them out when I’m running low.

The Egg Whites Int. liquid egg whites are a great source of high quality protein. Check ’em out, I can’t recommend them highly enough.