When staying fit at home, there are a variety of options for a Denise Austin workout available on DVD, by book, and on her website.  Two of her latest DVD’s are Get Fit Daily Dozen and Body Burn with Dance and Pilates.

The first mentioned Denise Austin workout, Get Fit Daily Dozen has twelve exercises to do twelve minutes per day which is great for people too busy to make it to the gym.  These workouts have a combination of cardio-athletic, cardio kickboxing, lower body sculpting, and upper body sculpting.  Kickboxing not only has cardiovascular benefits, but also provides strength building benefits to muscles all over your body.

*Please note: I am against the practice of yoga due to its connection with eastern spirituality, and I strongly recommend that you skip this part of the program.

Body Burn with Dance and Pilates offers 30 minutes of dancing to get a cardiovascular workout, as well as Pilates that is done standing and on a mat. By doing 30 minutes of cardio you’re helping your body burn fat and build endurance.   Pilates helps build muscles that are long and lean, so this is great for people who do not want the appearance of bulky muscles.  Similar to yoga, Pilates also reduces stress and anxiety.

Her latest DVD’s are not the only choices available.  Austin has a little something for everybody because her older collection includes workouts for the abs, cardio building routines, toning the body, fat burning and weight loss, fitness with the kids, staying fit while pregnant, and boot camp exercises.

Austin has written books on being fit over the age of forty, targeting problem zones that females typically have, and eating carbs to lose weight.  Contrary to popular belief, carbs are actually beneficial to your body because they give your body energy.

If you’re looking for a more personalized workout, Austin also has an online program that promotes weight loss by offering a healthy meal plan, a personal fitness plan, and motivation.

If you’re looking to workout from home, pick a Denise Austin workout that works best for you.  If you get bored with one routine, you can always switch to one of her many options.