P90X Workout Reviews and Results

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I wanted to share this Forks Over Knives review after having a chance to watch this new documentary about the many wonderful benefits of eating a plant-based diet. Over the past year, in addition to Shakeology I’ve also incorporated a much higher quantity of raw vegetables into my P90X workout diet, and recently I made […]

Recently, I’ve been using a P90X Recovery Drink alternative post-workout. Instead of the normal P90X drink, I’ve been drinking a chocolate Shakeology shake mixed with liquid egg whites (be sure to read my Egg Whites International review) and spring water.

One of my favorite things as of late is my new Big Berkey water filter. Ever since I began doing the P90X program, drinking water has become such a big part of my daily routine, and I decided to get serious about the quality of water I was consuming.

P90X Grocery Run

I went on my first P90X grocery run this morning and bought food for the upcoming week along with a Polar FS3 Heart Rate Monitor Watch. For the first 30 days, I’ll be in the Fat Shredder phase of the P90X nutrition plan. Based on my resting metabolic rate and daily activity burn calculations, I’ll […]