The Brazil Butt Lift DVD workout by Beachbody and Leandro Carvalho combines the best of cardio, signature butt sculpting moves, and Brazilian dance to melt fat and shape your backside into something you’ve always dreamed about.

With the Brazil Butt Lift workout, it’s finally possible to achieve an amazing looking behind without expensive (and potentially dangerous) plastic surgery or costly home gym equipment.

There are two different Brazil Butt Lift packages available:

Brazil Butt Lift DeluxeBrazil Butt Lift Deluxe

Includes the following:
– All 5 Brazil Butt Lift DVD’s
– 3 Additional Workouts and Guides
– Measurement Tracker, Tape Measure, and Pencil
– Booty Resistance Band and Ankle Weights

Price: $119.70 (Best Value)

Brazil Butt Lift DVDBrazil Butt Lift

Includes the following:
– All 5 Brazil Butt Lift DVD Workouts
– Booty Makeover Guide and Fat-Burning Food Guide
– Resistance Band, Tape Measure, and Pencil
– Workout Cards

Price: $59.85

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