The “Ab Scissor” is another Body by Jake workout machine.  With as many products as Body by Jake develops for the abs, you would think they would eventually come out with one that is worth buying.  Think again…

At first glance, the Ab Scissor looks like it would work your shoulders because you sit on a small bench and then grasp the handle bars above your shoulders.   A lot of people do end up using their arms instead of their abs.  Even after doing the exercises correctly and using my abdominal muscles, I still didn’t feel that I was getting much of a workout.

Like most of the Body by Jake fitness equipment, the Ab Scissor is not the sturdies piece of equipment in the world.  The seat is way too small, so it’s not very comfortable especially for somebody who is overweight.

In my opinion, I just don’t see the point in paying $250 for a bulky ab machine when you can get better results for free?   Also — due to the less than impressive construction, it probably won’t be long before something on the Ab Scissor breaks.   Instead of taking a chance with equipment that promises often times unrealistic results, try a comprehensive home workout program for sculpting your abs.

When it comes to six pack abs, you’re really not going to lose any weight using the Ab Scissor (or with any abdominal workouts for that matter), so you need to add cardio to your home fitness routine.  Cardio workouts will burn fat — without burning fat, those ripped abdominal muscles will be hidden under layers of fat.  Mix in a healthy dose of ab and core exercises along with a healthy, low fat diet play and you’ll be well on your way.

In my opinion, there are much better uses for your hard-earned than forking it over for an Ab Scissor (or any other over-priced ab machine). Save your money and get great abs the old fashion way with a healthy diet, effective abdominal workouts, and fat-burning cardio routines.