The “Ab Rocker” is one of several abdominal products by the fitness line Body by Jake.  This piece of equipment has a chair that sits about five inches off the ground, so you’re able to move with a rocking motion.  You place your feet in front of you and rock yourself to supposed great abs.

The Ab Rocker is cheaply made, so don’t expect it to last a lifetime.  It isn’t the easiest ab equipment to use and the movement seems jerky, as opposed to the smooth ab workout shown on the infomercial.  You would think that something called a rocker would be comfortable to use, but it’s definitely a bit awkward.

There is a risk of injury while using this product because it’s easy to fall backwards while doing this exercise.  If you decide to try the Ab Rocker, make sure there is nothing heavy or breakable behind you.

Once you have completed the workout, there isn’t much of a noticeable abdominal burn.  I would say that this piece of equipment is probably best for a beginner — however, I wouldn’t recommend it based on the fact that it’s unstable.

The Ab Rocker costs about $70.  There are plenty of ab workouts that you can do from home that will pose less risk of injury, be more effective, and are free.  For example, the bicycle is a great exercise and it actually does work all the abdominal muscles.

Just like any workout routine, you cannot get fit abs by only doing crunches (on a machine or the floor).  You have to have an entire body fitness program that includes a healthy diet, fat burning cardiovascular routine, and strength building.

Instead of spending the money on an Ab Rocker, a comprehensive exercise program incorporating core and ab strengthening exercises would be a much better choice.