The Ab Lounge is marketed through a popular infomercial showing people of all ages getting to sit in a comfortable chair while getting an abdominal workout.  Like most infomercials, the Ab Lounge falls short of its promises.

The Ab Lounge looks like a reclined lawn chair with handles to grip on the sides and overhead.  There is also a bar to rest your feet while getting a workout.  It’s comfortable to sit in, which isn’t a surprise since the name suggests it’s a lounge chair!

The Ab Lounge is definitely not for anybody considered obese, so that’s a clear disadvantage to the product.  I actually wouldn’t recommend this to anyone over 200 pounds because it’s built poorly and someone weighing too much could end up falling to the floor during the workout (or before they even start the workout).

While doing crunches with this chair, you feel little to no burn in your abdominal muscles.  As great as that might sound if you’re trying to get an easy workout, if you can’t feel the workout in your muscles — you’re not getting results.

The manufacturers of the Ab Lounge claim that you will burn fat in your stomach while you also lose weight.  These claims are unrealistic. It’s impossible to lose weight without changing what you eat and including a good cardio workout with your routine.

You’re going to get a much better abdominal workout performing regular crunches, so spending $100 for this piece of bulky home fitness equipment seems completely unnecessary.

Instead of buying the Ab Lounge, save your money (or buy an actual recliner) and get six pack abs at home the old fashioned way — with a proper diet, 30 minutes of cardio per day, and crunches.  It’s a free workout and you’re going to see much better results in the end.