The Ab King looks like an average weight bench with an overhead handle to assist you with crunches.  By working out on the Ab King for three minutes per day, you’re supposed to see firm abs in less time than with traditional crunches and sit-ups.

The Ab King claims that the ease of movement assists people with performing abdominal exercises that work the abdominals in a way regular crunches cannot, which is the reason people can get away with only using it three minutes per day.  As a basic rule, anytime a machine says you can work out in a significantly low amount of time per day, be warned that it’s usually a false claim and exaggeration.

The Ab King costs $150, which is a lot of money to throw down on a machine that may not get you the results it claims.

The bottom line is you cannot have tone abs without a combination of strength building core exercises and a cardiovascular routine.  A cardiovascular routine is going to help you meet your fat loss goals.  If your abdominal area currently has a roll of fat that you desperately are trying to rid yourself of, the Ab King is not going to simply make that fat go away.

If you’re really looking to get in shape, a healthy diet is the first place to start.  Make sure you’re cutting fatty and high calorie foods from your diet.  If you’re working out, but then turn around and order a Whopper from Burger King, you just destroyed any results you achieved from your workout.

I’m not a big fan of the Ab King because I simply don’t see it as a way to effectively build an all-around, better physique.  In my opinion, you’ll have more success doing crunches and core exercises as a part of an overall strength building workout. Fortunately, crunches do not involve assembling equipment or adding an unnecessary charge to the credit card!