The makers of the Ab Flex claim to provide an abdominal workout that puts pressure on the abs, causing the muscles to contract.

This is another piece of workout equipment that promises big results in a small amount of time.  With the Ab Flex, you’re supposed to see results in a few days (unrealistic with any workout) by using the product for three minutes per day.  Three minutes is supposed to be the equivalent to two-hundred sit-ups.

It doesn’t matter how many sit-ups you do with any workout machine, you won’t see big results unless you’re burning fat as well.  You need to establish a good cardiovascular routine in order to lose pounds, otherwise your toned muscles stay hidden under layers of fat.

The product itself is very simple to use, but definitely not worth the money in my opinion.  To use this for a workout, hold the Ab Flex to your abs while performing crunches.  This gives you additional resistance with each rep, which is the reason you’re suppose to get a better workout.

Most people buy equipment to avoid doing crunches, but this just adds more work to the crunch.  I don’t think the Ab Flex is horrible, but it looks more like a kid’s toy than a piece of serious fitness equipment.  You’ll get much better results using dumbbells during your crunches, which are a lot cheaper than the Ab Flex.

There are two ways to use dumbbells for crunches.  The first way is to hold the dumbbells to your chest and the second way is to hold the dumbbells over your head.  You may want to start with the dumbbells to your chest because the overhead method is more intense and not recommended for beginners.

When it comes down to whether or not you should buy the Ab Flex machine, I would save your money.  Instead, do crunches with dumbbells and add cardio and a healthy diet to your fitness routine.   All this can be done at home and it will cost a lot less than buying the Ab Flex!