Looking for an honest Ab Coaster review? Read on as we cut the fluff and take a look at what you can honestly expect from this piece of home exercise equipment.

The Ab Coaster is a machine that works the abs in a bottom up motion, which is different than most ab workouts on the market.  It has a seat that sits on an arched track.  You place your knees on the seat and pull your way up the arch using your abdominal muscles.

The makers of the Ab Coaster claim that you will start seeing results in less time.  They also claim that you can stop the hard work and “coast” from a size 10 to a size 6 while using this product.  Companies like Ab Coaster are trying to sell their products by giving them names that suggest a relaxing workout.  Unfortunately, an effective abs workout is anything but.

You could spend hours on the Ab Coaster every day, but without the extra steps of getting your heart rate going and the cutting of unhealthy foods from your diet, you’re not going to physically see results.  As with most abdominal machines, the Ab Coaster makes some huge promises that tend to set people up for failure as it’s impossible to lose weight with an abdominal workout alone.

Another thing that I don’t like about the Ab Coaster is the fact that it costs about $400 and takes up a lot of space.  That’s a lot of money to pay if you’re not going to do cardio five days out of the week for thirty minutes per day along with an ab workout.

Bottom line? It takes hard work to get six pack abs and you need to develop a comprehensive strength building routine to do this effectively. This can include crunches, planks, and bicycle riding.  It’s also important to change your diet and do cardiovascular exercises to burn off excess layers of fat.

I would steer clear of the Ab Coaster since it doesn’t offer all the components of a good workout routine.  Instead, start walking, do some crunches, and eat healthy.  All things that can be done from home for free.

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