P90X Workout Reviews and Results

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The Ab Lounge is marketed through a popular infomercial showing people of all ages getting to sit in a comfortable chair while getting an abdominal workout.  Like most infomercials, the Ab Lounge falls short of its promises.

When staying fit at home, there are a variety of options for a Denise Austin workout available on DVD, by book, and on her website.  Two of her latest DVD’s are Get Fit Daily Dozen and Body Burn with Dance and Pilates.

The makers of the Ab Flex claim to provide an abdominal workout that puts pressure on the abs, causing the muscles to contract.

The Ab King looks like an average weight bench with an overhead handle to assist you with crunches.  By working out on the Ab King for three minutes per day, you’re supposed to see firm abs in less time than with traditional crunches and sit-ups.

Looking for an honest Ab Coaster review? Read on as we cut the fluff and take a look at what you can honestly expect from this piece of home exercise equipment. The Ab Coaster is a machine that works the abs in a bottom up motion, which is different than most ab workouts on the […]

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