P90X Workout Reviews and Results

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So what makes an effective home fitness program? In a nutshell, the best home fitness programs consist of cardio and strength training, stretching and flexibility exercises, and a healthy diet. To truly build a world-class physique, it’s vital to have a comprehensive fitness plan.

The AbTronic is another “miracle ab gadget” being peddled via T.V. infomercials, promising fabulous abs through the use of an electronic muscle stimulation belt.  You can adjust the belt from low to high, but regardless of what setting you use, you’re not likely to see much in the way of results from the AbTronic.

The “Ab Rocket” looks like a glorified beach chair.  To use the Ab Rocket, you sit on the seat which is a couple inches from the ground as your back is supported by 4 back rollers. The back rollers are there to support your neck and back while also giving your back a massage.

The “Ab Scissor” is another Body by Jake workout machine.  With as many products as Body by Jake develops for the abs, you would think they would eventually come out with one that is worth buying.  Think again…

The “Ab Rocker” is one of several abdominal products by the fitness line Body by Jake.  This piece of equipment has a chair that sits about five inches off the ground, so you’re able to move with a rocking motion.  You place your feet in front of you and rock yourself to supposed great abs.

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